What tables to create for using SQL capability of MailScanner conf.

Lance Haig lhaig at haigmail.com
Thu Apr 5 16:27:39 IST 2012

Peter I am with you on this one.

I think we should try to set-up a wiki section dedicated to help people 
setting up DB integration.

Unfortunately without help from the list it will take a while.


On 05/04/12 14:41, Peter Bonivart wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 3:11 PM, Joolee<mailscanner at joolee.nl>  wrote:
>> Well, if you did read the manual, you'd seen that there is a property
>> called "SQL Debug" you can set to "Yes" to get more information from
>> Mailscanner about the MySQL connection.
>> You tell us MailScanner connected to MySQL properly? In that case, you
>> can tell us what queries your MailScanner sends to MySQL and what
>> answers it receives. How do you know that Mailscanner connects
>> properly and the configured queries give the correct results?
> What he's asking for is to how to set up the database needed, he even
> gives an example of what he wants in his first post. Still people just
> post stuff like RTFM, turn debugging on, read the source, if you don't
> understand it you shouldn't run it and so on.
> I have snapped at people too but I have never seen so many feel
> obliged to reply to this guy without actually helping him the way he
> wants to be helped. If you can't or won't help him why do feel a need
> to tell him so? Can't you just ignore his post?
> If you have figured out how to set up a working database it wouldn't
> be so hard to dump the structure of it so he could import it. Maybe
> someone could post it to a wiki and help the next guy out as well.
> /peter

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