What tables to create for using SQL capability of MailScanner conf.

Steve Campbell campbell at cnpapers.com
Thu Apr 5 15:24:56 IST 2012

On 4/5/2012 9:41 AM, Peter Bonivart wrote:
> What he's asking for is to how to set up the database needed, he even 
> gives an example of what he wants in his first post. Still people just 
> post stuff like RTFM, turn debugging on, read the source, if you don't 
> understand it you shouldn't run it and so on. I have snapped at people 
> too but I have never seen so many feel obliged to reply to this guy 
> without actually helping him the way he wants to be helped. If you 
> can't or won't help him why do feel a need to tell him so? Can't you 
> just ignore his post? /peter 

Quite a while back, when the online files were the main source of help 
and reference, many people would fill the list with such garbage such as 
what is happening here. And these negative posters were always the first 
ones to tell you to refer to the online help forum because it had a 
search lookup that could be used.

Of course, when you went to the online forums, and did your search, 
mostly what you found were these poundings of a user for not using the 
on line search, and never did they have a solution.

If you're going to ridicule people for not being able to find the answer 
for themselves, perhaps you should consider how you were clueless in the 
beginning and provide a little information to help them along (and show 
us how smart you are!).

steve campbell

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