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Sampson, Aaron Sampson at
Wed Apr 4 16:18:32 IST 2012

I am running Mail Scanner 4.84.5 with postfix, spam assassin and clamd.  Everything was working fine until I added Mail watch.  I followed the mail watch install guide that I found online and changed the permissions that is instructed.  My problem is that when I send out a test e-mail it gets stuck in the postfix/hold folder and Processing causing a looping error that just sends me e-mails to quarantine stating that the e-mail has been moved there due to it attempting to kill Mail Scanner, which causes another e-mail to go out to alert me (postmaster) which gets stuck and the process is repeated.  This is a test box so has luck has it I have not messed up a live environment but I am wanting to set this up so that it will be easier for us to view the quarantine e-mails and release any back to the end user.  I know that mail watch and mail scanner are supposed to work very well together and I am almost certain that it is a permission issue somewhere.  Can anyone offer a suggestion or maybe a better forum for me to post to get this problem solved?

Aaron Sampson
IT Department

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