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Fri Oct 28 13:24:41 IST 2011

On 27 October 2011 18:47, Andrews Carl 448
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> What do you typically allow for incoming and/or outgoing messages through
> your SMTP gateway? What is best practice? 10M, 20M, ??
> Thanks,
> Carl

We've semi-randomly selected 32 MiB as the limit (IIRC the Bizhub
scanners has this as a max, so that was what we based it on),
increased from about 15 last year.
All things being equal, I still advocate other solutions than huge
emails, for the sake and sanity of my users, but ... users will be
users ... "WTF, it's just a PDF.... Yeah, it has some images... Yeah,
it's about 500 MiB... But why would it be blocked...?"...:-).

There's no real "best practice" for selecting your policy for this,
you'll have to confer with your users/managers and make an educated
guess as to what will work best. Even if you go a bit high, that
doesn't matter that much, since there would be NDN/NDRs to guide the

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