oddity on ms start

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Oct 28 00:48:56 IST 2011

on 10/27/2011 4:25 PM Glenn Steen spake the following:
> On 27 October 2011 21:43, Scott Silva<ssilva at sgvwater.com>  wrote:
>> on 10/27/2011 12:10 PM Jeremy McSpadden spake the following:
>>> Already reloaded .. No biggie, only takes a few minutes to get it back.
>>> Not sure how compress-zlib would effect the init script ... Hmm
>> Since you are using postfix, did you check out that
>> /etc/sysconfig/MailScanner is set for postfix and not sendmail?
> We're showing our age here Scott... Unless it's an abominably old
> install Jeremy is instantiating from, all that should be automagic,
> and has been for ... a rather long time:-).
> If the init-script silliness persists, I'd do the usual script debug
> moves... "set +x" just below the hashbang line (not "shebang", as I
> noted someone calling it the other day... Absolutely hilarious:-), run
> the start action and see where it errors out etc etc.
> A relevant question would be where the MS rpm stems from, is it
> mailscanner.info DL or from some repo?
> In all likelihood, this all just reflect the semiworking state of a
> not-fully-configured MS system.
> Cheers!
LOL... I see that ... I guess us old pros need to sit and have an adult 
beverage and remember the old days fondly...

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