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Glenn Steen glenn.steen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 00:25:26 IST 2011

On 27 October 2011 21:43, Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com> wrote:
> on 10/27/2011 12:10 PM Jeremy McSpadden spake the following:
>> Already reloaded .. No biggie, only takes a few minutes to get it back.
>> Not sure how compress-zlib would effect the init script ... Hmm
> Since you are using postfix, did you check out that
> /etc/sysconfig/MailScanner is set for postfix and not sendmail?
We're showing our age here Scott... Unless it's an abominably old
install Jeremy is instantiating from, all that should be automagic,
and has been for ... a rather long time:-).

If the init-script silliness persists, I'd do the usual script debug
moves... "set +x" just below the hashbang line (not "shebang", as I
noted someone calling it the other day... Absolutely hilarious:-), run
the start action and see where it errors out etc etc.
A relevant question would be where the MS rpm stems from, is it
mailscanner.info DL or from some repo?

In all likelihood, this all just reflect the semiworking state of a
not-fully-configured MS system.

-- Glenn
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