Mailscanner not logging

John Brajkovich john at
Tue Oct 25 16:55:23 IST 2011

I am running Mailscanner 4.84.3-1 on Solaris 10 with sendmail 8.14.4.
For the life of me I cannot get it to log anything.
My /etc/syslog.conf has a 'mail.debug  /var/log/syslog' entry and
MailScanner.conf has the default setting for logging ( Syslog Facility
= mail).
My /var/log/syslog has lots of mail.* (debug, info, crit etc) but
nothing from Mailscanner. I had previously been running Mailscanner
4.83.5-1 with the same problem.
I was hoping the upgrade would shake something up but no luck. I can
see the MailScanner processes running, mail moves from to
mqueue and gets delivered and my mail has the "...mail has been
scanned by Mailscanner..." tags on the mail i.e. everything seems to
be working but nothing in the logs.

Any ideas?


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