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I'm pretty sure this is not true. The default clause can appear anywhere in the rules file. I have 2 rules files with default clauses right at the top and they work flawlessly.


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the default line needs to be last in the ruleset. the way rulesets are processed is a bit like firewalls, in the it trundles down the list till is finds a match and then stops reading the file. So by having the Default line at the top it will never read any further down the file.

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>Again the email just comes through nicely, but not what I want!

I have not used this setting, but the doc says "size in bytes". That _may_ be one problem.

Also, aren't rules evaluated on a "first hit" basis? You probably want to move your "default" line to the end of the rule-set.
That doesn’t seem to make any difference in my setup. I did already try with the bytes thing, I checked previous posts and could see some people using the ‘M’ in the size part of the ruleset, so I assumed it would work. No one actually coming back and saying they got it working, though… Anyone?
I changed it to; 
To:                                5242880
I then moved the default rule down to the bottom and reloaded mailscanner (I don’t think this would matter though, I have other rulesets with default at the top). I re-sent the email and I got it through again. The logs show the same result. 
Does anyone have this working?
Also, if this does work, can you configure the bounce message with a custom message?
Sendmail can only do this globally, as far as I can see. I don’t really want to install another milter, if mailscanner can do this.
Many thanks,


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