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Mogens Melander mogens at
Sat Oct 22 22:10:33 IST 2011

Cool, but how many sites do i have to go trough, before
i come to the actual download ?

On Fri, October 21, 2011 23:03, Achim wrote:
> Hello list:
> Den 21 okt 2011 11:54 skrev "eric le corre" :
>> why not offer a virtualization file ?
>> On other websites where you can download linux distributions as a
>> gateway, you can download the VHD file?.
>> And not necessary to install Linux and application MailScanner, the
>> application is properly installed and it is very quick.
>> the fact remains that more than make some settings .....
> You are lucky, because this VM appliance already exists [0]. From their
> FAQ:
> "ESVA stands for Email Security Virtual Appliance and is an optimal
> set-it-and-forget-it email filtering system. Is free to download and
> use. It?s built upon MailScanner and Mailwatch and packaged in a
> convenient Xen/vmWare ready to use appliance"
> I have not used ESVA myself, but the community and the forum seems to
> be quote active, and in fact resurrected the project when the previous
> maintainer moved on. For a bit of background on the appliance and the
> (new) site, please see [1].
> Best regards, Achim
> [0] <>
> [1]
> <>


Mogens Melander

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