Emails lost !

eric le corre eric_le_corre at
Wed Nov 23 09:35:10 GMT 2011

eric le corre <eric_le_corre <at>> writes:
> what is surprising is that such an e-mail never arrived, apparently the 
> has sent the same mail that is spent. 
> "Assuming he is grep'n the servers IP. As the email from would not even be 
> logged. "
> The problem is that we have a email gateway from our provider, so all emails 
> come from the same IP
> "That should still leave some form of log entry..."
> Maybe but users say "i don t receive email" but i dont know the hour, 
> difficult to find something !

So, i found a example of the problem. Sender send me email to my professional 
domain and other one personal. I dont receive the email in my professional 
domain !
i found no log of this in syslog of the server, nothing

The email is just a message with PDF file. Siez of the mai : 3mo

the email don t have subject ! this can be the problem ?

i had forward the email from my personal mailbox to my domain, and no problem 
to receive the email !


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