Emails lost !

Scott Silva ssilva at
Thu Nov 17 16:53:39 GMT 2011

on 11/17/2011 1:53 AM eric le corre spake the following:
> hello and sorry for my enlish
> I Have some trouble. I Have SpamAssassin version 3.3.1, 4.83.5 mailscanner,
> postfix 2.8.2 on Ubuntu and MailWatch.
> This Server is configured as gateway for my Exchange 2010.
> users complain of not receiving emails. Apparently it's quite often. Users
> give me the address of the sender which certifies sending an email. On my
> exchange, I have no trace of the mail in question. On Mailscanner either,
> MailWatch in the mail does not appear either. In short, nothing a all. What is
> even more annoying is that the sender does not receive an e-mail non-delivery.
> So emails that are lost.
> Mailscanner in the logs I find nothing wrong.
> If someone could help me find an explanation .....
> I was wondering, but can be nothing to see there are a mailscanner script that
> restarts the service regularly. Are the mails could not be lost just when
> mailscanner restarts? possible?
> thanks
And senders almost ALWAYS swear that they sent something, but when you ask 
them for proof like log snippets, they suddenly get silent...

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