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Fri May 13 11:37:10 IST 2011

On 13 May 2011, at 12:21 PM, Martin Hepworth wrote:

> NB is you're doing mail archiving for regulartory reasons (SOXX etc) being able to access the information in short timscales is critical. You have to be able to get the to the requestor in quite a small amount of time and of course keep 7 years of data. 
> This abilioty to search and retrieve quickly is where the commercial offerings justify themselves.
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> Martin Hepworth
> Oxford, UK

Hi Martin

We will use the Softco email collector for the actual archiving etc this is really more of a stopgap in case of client mail server unavailability / failure. 
the Softco solution is brilliant and combined with R8miniweb inside outlook is extremely powerful, and the actual indexing and archiving will be done there. 

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