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Lyndon Labuschagne lyndonl at
Fri May 13 10:20:46 IST 2011

> I am guessing you are trying to build an email continuity system where your customers can still read their email
> via a webmail interface while their mail server is down.
> Depending on what MTA you are using, you can use SMTP multiplexing to deliver both to the webmail system and
> to the customers mail server.
> The MTA will deliver to the webmail system a copy of each message that gets processed by the MTA, in even of the
> remote customer server being down the messages will get queued and delivered normally when the system gets
> back up.
> For postfix and sendmail there are milters that can do this, for exim you will have to setup routers to do this.
> Hope that helps
> - Andrew
Thanks Andrew,

Thats pretty much spot on, we make use of Postfix, I will look into this ASAP,
Off to google to go find info on SMTP multiplexing

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