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Fri May 13 09:58:15 IST 2011

On 13 May 2011, at 10:28 AM, Lyndon Labuschagne wrote:

> Thanks Alex, I will give that a look into, 
> Regarding the privacy issues, this will not be a system default, it will be an opt-in only solution. I am not overly keen on it myself but a few clients have asked for it which is the only reason I am looking into it.

I am guessing you are trying to build an email continuity system where your customers can still read their email
via a webmail interface while their mail server is down.

Depending on what MTA you are using, you can use SMTP multiplexing to deliver both to the webmail system and
to the customers mail server.

The MTA will deliver to the webmail system a copy of each message that gets processed by the MTA, in even of the
remote customer server being down the messages will get queued and delivered normally when the system gets
back up.

For postfix and sendmail there are milters that can do this, for exim you will have to setup routers to do this.

Hope that helps

- Andrew

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