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> Hi
> Another option is to use the built-in functionality. I use the store rules in Non Spam Actions to save the messages, and with my hard-link-patch, I can get a nice folder structure without duplicating content. (one folder per user and date).
> Of course, MailArchiva gives you a lot of other features as well, but as a quick and easy archive, that might work for you! Using the _DATE_ macro in the pathname would make it easy to create a cronjob to delete all old mails.
> /Markus

Thank you to both of you for the information, MailArchiva might well be an over kill. 
and the built in store function might not be enough, 
ideally i guess what I would like to have is some sort of a webmail (almost) intercase where if a clients mail server in unavailable due to a line failure or server problem they would be able to log in and access the mail on our server, and then the mail can be released to their server when it is available again, even if it is just a read only interface so that they can see the content of the mail. preferably they should be able to reply to the mail. 

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