Releasing emails from quarantine with sendmail

Eduardo Casarero ecasarero at
Tue Mar 29 19:31:46 IST 2011

Hi everybody, does anyone know if it is possible to "release" an email and
queue it in the sendmail outbound queue without being processed by
MailScanner? I want to avoid MS because it generates a duplicated record in
the DB. We used Mailwatch release method for some time and then a custom
script to feed the released email to sendmail, but both options makes the
email to be reprocesed by MS.

I searched and read about sendmails options, but i coudnt find anything
usefull. ¿How does MScanner send HAM emails to recipients? copying df* and
qf* to the outbound queue and firing a sendmail process to deliver that
particular email?

Any comment/idea would be appreciated.


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