Allow Multiple HTML Signatures, not working?

Markus Nilsson markus at
Fri Mar 18 09:19:13 GMT 2011


I am having problems with 

Allow Multiple HTML Signatures = no 

I always get multiple image signatures in my mails Looks like the same problems as 

Is anyone successfully using this feature? 

I tried to do some debugging of this, and found that the signature image is successfully detected by the 

sub DisarmTagCallback { 

function, but the variable SigImageFound is still 0 in 

sub DisarmHTML { 

I made log prints in these two locations, and see that they are done in different threads, and that value seems not to be passed between them. Could this be a bug? (Notice the different pids in the log below)

30574:Mar 18 09:34:23 xxx MailScanner[23120]: SigImage: 1 <-- From DisarmTagCallback
30579:Mar 18 09:34:23 xxx MailScanner[23093]: sigimagepresent: 0 <-- From DisarmHTML



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