Spamassassin woes...

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Thu Mar 17 22:09:36 GMT 2011

Martin Hepworth wrote:
> Kevin
> Ms doesn't use the binaries but the perl api as you prob know. Have
> you done a sa-update as the 3.3 releases have no rules by default and
> you have to download them. I'd check the binaries aren't elsewhere.  
> Martin

Thanks for the reply Martin - I've been sidetracked w/several issues unrelated to MailScanner & spamassassin.  
I do have the 3.003001 ruleset.  It existed prior to my uninstalling spamassassin 3.2.5.

I'll just install sa from source (No point in installed SLES's RPMs as they're obsolete.)  I was just kind of surprised that Julian's package didn't install the whole kit and kaboodle.  As you noted, it uses the perl api, but there's no way to update it w/o the binaries.  Unless the lack of them is related to the make error on line 121 of the output on pastebin.  I'll take that question over to the SUSE forums unless there's someone else here using SLES that's encountered a similar issue.


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