MS not scanning for spam and Spam Header missing! (FreeBSD 8)

Remy de Ruysscher remy at
Wed Mar 16 11:26:57 GMT 2011

*HELP* I'm flooded by spam!


I recently upgraded MS to the latest FreeBSD port version and found problems
with the latest p5-Mime-Tools so I reverted this port.

However MS is not scanning for spam anymore, I don't see any headers
appended to the message anymore.


SA is running fine no errors while doing a lint or manually scanning a


# Add this extra header to all messages found to be spam.

# This can also be the filename of a ruleset.

Spam Header = X-%org-name%-MailScanner-SpamCheck:


# Add this extra header if "Spam Score" = yes. The header will

# contain 1 character for every point of the SpamAssassin score.

Spam Score Header = X-%org-name%-MailScanner-SpamScore:




MailScanner --lint

Trying to setlogsock(unix)


Reading configuration file /usr/local/etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf

Configuration: Failed to find any configuration files like
/usr/local/etc/MailScanner/conf.d/*, skipping them. at
/usr/local/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ line 2044

Read 867 hostnames from the phishing whitelist

Read 6660 hostnames from the phishing blacklists


Checking version numbers...

Version number in MailScanner.conf (4.82.6) is correct.


ERROR: The "envelope_sender_header" in your spam.assassin.prefs.conf

ERROR: is not correct, it should match X-UNIX-ASP-MailScanner-From


MailScanner setting GID to  (125)

MailScanner setting UID to  (125)


Checking for SpamAssassin errors (if you use it)...

Using SpamAssassin results cache

Connected to SpamAssassin cache database

SpamAssassin reported no errors.

Connected to Processing Attempts Database

Created Processing Attempts Database successfully

There are 119273 messages in the Processing Attempts Database

Using locktype = posix

MailScanner.conf says "Virus Scanners = clamd"

Found these virus scanners installed: clamd, f-prot-6


Filename Checks: Windows/DOS Executable (1

Other Checks: Found 1 problems

Virus and Content Scanning: Starting

Clamd::INFECTED:: Eicar-Test-Signature :: ./1/

Clamd::INFECTED:: Eicar-Test-Signature :: ./1/

Virus Scanning: Clamd found 2 infections

Infected message 1 came from

Virus Scanning: Found 2 viruses


Virus Scanner test reports:

Clamd said " was infected: Eicar-Test-Signature"


If any of your virus scanners (clamd,f-prot-6)

are not listed there, you should check that they are installed correctly

and that MailScanner is finding them correctly via its virus.scanners.conf.

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