Spamassassin woes...

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Tue Mar 15 00:24:17 GMT 2011

This morning I tried to update my spamassasin and it seems to be only half baked.
I'm running on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP1.
I was using the distro rpm, but it was just version 2.5.x.  I figured I outta upgrade to 3.3.1, courtesy of Julian's package.  

I uninstalled the SLES spamassassin rpms then downloaded the Install-Clam-SA-latest.tar.gz package from and ran the script.

See for gory details.

When I ran it, it asked if I wanted to install clamav.  I said no - line 31.  It seems to have tried to install clamav anyway.  
Around line 119 it blew up.  
Re line 121 - make is installed.  The build directory referenced on line 124 does not exist.  I don't know whether the process deleted it or if it never existed.

The script proceeds to go about installing spamassassin but at 452 there's a funny error.  Not sure it's critical.

When I start MailScanner it seems to find spamassassin.  However it doesn't all seem to be there.  I used to have spamassassin, spamc and spamd in /usr/bin.  They're now gone.

Sa-learn, sa-compile, and sa-update are also MIA.

Does the mailscanner package not install the whole enchalada?

As I mentioned, when running MailScanner, the messages are examined by spamassassin, but the system is a bit crippled with key binaries not present.


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