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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at ci.juneau.ak.us
Sat Mar 12 00:57:03 GMT 2011

Recently I've had a number of false positives on mail from google (not necessarily gmail).  It's all in the 209.85.161.X range.  Specifically,,, and  Is anyone else seeing this?  

It consistantly scores very low but is clobbered because I had the "Spam lists to be spam = 1".  I'm using Spamhaus-xen and spamcop.net.  When I test the addresses at places like anti-abuse.org or mxtoolbox.com they don't show up in any RBLs.  I've changed to "Spam lists to be spam = 2" which should help w/the false positives, but may increase the spam that gets through.

Also, does being listed in DCC, pyzor, or razor constitute an RBL from a MailScanner perspective?  I use them in spamassassin, but they aren't listed in the spamlist in MailScanner.conf.


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