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> > Jules,
> > is there any way to call a custom function per email like
> > AlwaysLookedUpLast does ? Or would that involve modifying the main
> > MailScanner code to add a new capability ?
> Hmm, I believe it actually makes more sense to duplicate the
> CheckAttachmentSizes() size function in and add some
> new configurable parameters eg.
> ZendToURL
> ZendToAccessKey
> ZendToMinMessageSize
> ZendToMaxMessageSize
> This was individual attachments can be checked, stripped, added to an
> array then a single call to ZendTo to create the dropoff and the add
> the passcode as a text attachment.

I have added into a call to a new module called but when I run in debug mode I get:

Undefined subroutine &MailScanner::ZendTo::ScanBatch called at /usr/lib/MailScanner/MailScanner/ line 574.

looking at I appear to be making the correct call and registering the package:

package MailScanner::ZendTo;

and if I execute perl -wc it lints okay:

perl -wc 
Name "global::MS" used only once: possible typo at line 109. syntax OK

Do I need to be doing anything else ?
Thanks, Phil

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