how to allow mobile user to send email with getting blocked

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Fri Jun 17 17:22:09 IST 2011

On 17 Jun 2011 at 8:48, Alex Neuman wrote:

> You'd also have to have that other MTA use the MailScanner-enabled
> host as a SMART_HOST in order to enjoy all the other benefits of
> running MailScanner, such as virus scanning, content filtering, etc.

I'm not sure what you mean, are you refering to Martin's suggest to run a 
second MTA instance that bypasses MS?
> The way I do it is a workaround, but it keeps you from having to run
> different instances or set up nonstandard ports.

yeah, that's something I don't like.
> IMHO people should use MSA (587) or SMTP/S (465) anyway, so I have
> those enabled in all my MTA's.

Yes, I already use TLS on port 587, that and IMAPs are the only ports open to 
the world on the mailserver behind mailscanner.

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