High Scoring Spam delete seems not work

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Fri Jul 22 17:50:14 IST 2011



I set for single user to delete high scoring spam


After more than minutes receive check mail frontend and open any messages:


High Scoring Spam : Y Action(s) : deliver


Uhm.. so think this is delivered, but if check exim log this message is:


+++ 1QkI0P-0002qG-68 has not completed +++

2011-07-22 17:51:14 1QkI0P-0002qG-68 <= r at aameetingsonline.org
H=(aameetingsonline.org) [] P=smtp S=701
id=434355276650.48473027004881 at aameetingsonline.org T="Favolosi premi da
vincere" for ***@***.com


***@***.com is our customer :)


Any suggest ?




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