[OT] How to be removed from tiopan blacklist

Marcello Anderlini m.anderlini at database.it
Fri Jul 22 10:11:21 IST 2011

This is a ot but I'm very troubled and I do not know how to solve my
If someone could help me please answer me also in private.

Two days ago we have a problem with our rDns that was not correct and at the
same time we were blacklisted in Tiopan blacklist.

We solved immediately this issue but we are still blacklisted only in this
list. I've sent email and fax trying to ask to be removed but I did not
receive any answer.

I have googled a lot and I see that this is a common problem cause bad
Behavior of this company.

Is there someone who could help us ?

Thanks a lot for any kind of help and sorry for my worst English.

Dr. Marcello Anderlini
m.anderlini at database.it
Database Informatica S.r.l.
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