SpamScore/Procmail vs. MailScanner

Patrick Healy pjhealy at
Fri Jul 15 02:34:16 IST 2011


I just upgraded my e-mail configuration to use MailScanner.  Prior to 
that I was using a hand-installed version of Spamassassin.  So far so 
good, but I have a couple of questions:

   1. Under my old configuration I used procmail to handle the movement
      of spam.  Now I'm using it in conjunction with MailScanner's
      SpamScore.  Should I be using procmail, or should I let
      MailScanner move the spam to the spam folders?
   2. SpamScore doesn't seem to give me enough granularity.  If I base
      the spam decision on 'sss' rather than 'ss' then some false
      positives get sent to the Spam folder.  It seems like I 2.5 's'
      would do the trick.  Should I be using something else?
   3. Do I still need to run spamd (Spamassassin Daemon)?


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