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Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at
Fri Jul 8 23:04:35 IST 2011

-- wrote:
> 98% of the code is completed and drop-offs are being generated by
> email now. If an attachment/or the whole drop-off is greater than the
> configured ZendTo sizes and NDR is created and sent to the sender
> explaining why. If drop-off is successful then all attachments are
> stripped and a <claimid>.html file is attached to the original email
> with a disposition of inline so that it renders at the bottom of the
> email is some clients. --     
> Thanks, Phil

Sounds great.  I'm looking forward to instructions on setting that up.  On a related note, I just installed zendto on my desktop (Debian).  I'm trying to get it configured but have a few questions and also some comments on the process (for instance, the URL to set up captchas has changed from what's noted).  I just subscribes to the mailing list for ZentTo.  Is there a wiki in the works for ZentTo?  Seems that would be an ideal place to add notes on change and customizations...

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