limiting damage done by a compromised account

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Assuming you have some form of authentication for outgoing is that you can limit the from address for emails to that of the account. Also what about some form of rate limiting with alerting plugged in?

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Subject: limiting damage done by a compromised account

I use Mailscanner ( v4.79 on RH Linux with spamassassin & Clam) in front of Exchange 2010.  Occasionally at our university we'll have a student email in their login credentials in response to phishing email that got thru.   We don't scan outgoing messages since I don't want to block outgoing emails except for this situation.  I'm looking for advice on what to do to protect us from being a source of spam.   We currently have a poor reputation on from senderbase which I've been unable to correct - any ideas on anything I can do to speed up this process would be welcome as well.

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