Process did not exit cleanly.

John Wilcock john at
Wed Feb 2 08:58:08 GMT 2011

Le 02/02/2011 09:32, Glenn Steen a écrit :
>> It's down to modern versions of perl, perl modules, but it seems not enough
>> >  of us use  5.10.1 or greater (no issue with 5.10.0), so no other people see
>> >  it for it to be given any real urgency at present. (we stopped using
>> >  mailscanner, will use it again once this bug is fixed) Julian was made aware
>> >  of two months or more ago, but is unable to reproduce it.
>> >
> Modern versions of perl or modern versions of supporting modules?

There's at least one known bug in Archive::Zip 1.30 that causes some zip 
attachments (and other zip-container formats such as docx) to kill 
MailScanner under perl 5.12 (and maybe 5.10.x) - see for a description 
and a fix.


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