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Fri Dec 2 14:55:25 GMT 2011

On Fri, Dec 2, 2011 at 2:50 AM, Markus Nilsson <markus at> wrote:
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>> All,
>> I could not get this message to run thru sendmail or MailScanner.  To
>> do it, I would need the original qf and df files, the two components
>> of the message as sendmail handles them.  I tried to reconstruct the
>> two parts (header and body) but couldn't get it to work.
>> Jeff Earickson
>> Colby College
> What happens if you just pipe the message to sendmail; this changes the mail slightly, so maybe the bug goes away, but maybe worth a shot?
> sendmail test_recipient at < mail_file


Sendmail just takes the mail_file and sends it on to our MX records
(Postini/google in our case).  MailScanner never saw it at all.
Somehow I need to drop the qf and df components of the message into
/var/spool/ so that MailScanner can pick up the message.  :(

Jeff Earickson

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