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Dave Helton dave at KD0YU.COM
Fri Aug 26 23:14:52 IST 2011

Hello all,



  Consider putting your incoming spool on a tmpfs partition (if you have
not already), lots of documentation as to how to do it.

  RBL lookups are a real hit to performance also... you might disable
them temporarily.

  <insert other generic debug babble here>


@everyone else

  I have a problem with mailwatch.  Please let me know if this is not an
appropriate list for this.

All reports work fine except for the ones that use jpgraph, pages are
blank.  A few well placed php tags reveals the pages are

hanging on require_once(  Anyone know what may be causing

I have verfied apache owns the entire tree.



MailScanner 4.83.5

Mailwatch 1.05  w/ included jpgraph 1.21

php-gd 5.1.6


Thank you

--Dave Helton, KD0YU



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