Issue with sender's 'From' address where display name is notquoted

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We use sendmail, and yes, the issue is with the unquoted display name, our MTA adds our domain to the from address.  I will search to see if I can find the appropriate settings.

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Wait, I see the problem, your MTA is adding your domain to all unqualified recipients. This is something you need fix, since it is a slightly exploitable flaw (makes it easy for a scammer to look legit).
I suppose you're using postfix, right? In PF, IIRC, there are a few şettings affecting this, so try vary those!


Den 16 apr 2011 12.47, "Glenn Steen" <glenn.steen at> skrev:

The reformatting is done in MilScanner? Truly? Not your MTA?
And, apart from the looks, what detrimental effects does it have?
Anyway, if they aren't RFC compliant, why should you fix it for them? Inform them if you like, then just ... Forget them;-) 


	Den 15 apr 2011 22.46, <donald.dawson at> skrev: 

	> We have received email from a reputable list serve that has the following format of 'From' addr...

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