New domains sending spam

Glenn Steen glenn.steen at
Sat Apr 16 11:31:28 IST 2011

Probably would give a few FPs to extend it to week old bread...but you could
copy the definition to day old bread, rename accordingly and score it low...
Then do some log analysis to see the FP rate etc before uping the score.


Den 15 apr 2011 15.49, "Johnson, SE" <sjohnson at> skrev:

It looks like day old bread is for 5 days.  Many of these sites I'm seeing
now are 14-21 days old and when I google them it looks like there's numerous
sites being registered by the same person at the same time.  Perhaps they
are holding onto them now for a couple of weeks before using them?

Anyway to go higher on the date than 5 days?

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