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It looks like day old bread is for 5 days.  Many of these sites I'm seeing now are 14-21 days old and when I google them it looks like there's numerous sites being registered by the same person at the same time.  Perhaps they are holding onto them now for a couple of weeks before using them?

Anyway to go higher on the date than 5 days?

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I believe there is a spamassassin ruleset that detects this kind of thing. It's called day old bread. I think it's in any modern version of spamassassin already, but you can increase the score of this rule in order to make sure you block messages matching it:


>I've been seeing a lot of new domains pop up and immediately start sending spam.
>In our environment we will almost never get an email from someone on a brand new domain.  
>Is there a way to not accept an email from a domain that is say less than 30 days old?
>Environment ->MailScanner, Spamassassin, Postfix
  > Scott

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