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Brad Beckenhauer bbecken at
Fri Apr 1 14:32:11 IST 2011

Just sharing an issue we had this week with everyone else on the MailScanner forum.
This week, I've been working with an organization that is running an email campaign that is bombarding us with undesirable content and I figured I'd share with the rest of you as it's likely some of your systems are also getting this "junk".
If you browse to the web link below you will find a campaign concerning 'circumcision'.  The concept they use is simple, you read the text and if you concur with the statement, you sign the petition.
In the background, the website takes your contact information, extracts your email address and then sends an email to a mass distribution list using your email address as the sender.  The email is part of an email campaign that is using an online company to send the email enmass.
The email has no opt-out and if you reply to the email, your email is sent to the unwitting soul (person) who signed the online statement.
The subject lines are always one of the two lines below:
   Subject: It's time to end infant circumcision!
   Subject: =?UTF-8?Q?It's_time_to_end_=E2=80=9Croutine=E2=80=9D_infant_circumcision!?=
You can take a look at the alert that generates these messages here:
Just sharing this information in case you want to do something to protect your clients as well.
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