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Fri Sep 24 03:33:08 IST 2010

Ok, this is probably a newbie question, but I have googled thoroughly and
cant find an answer. My mailserver went down with a bad hdd, I was using
mailscanner/spammasssin/clam It appears to be just the boot sectors that are
damaged, so I managed to boot with linux rescue and mount the drives.
However, I cannot get it to boot off the drive, and fsck shows all kinds of

I have stood up another server, but I need to figure out what to copy over
to the server. I can read and copy all the files I need, or at least I think
so. I just cant quite figure out what files I need. I dont really care about
the messages, its just all the accounts and passwords, as well as the
mailscanner config files that I need to copy.  I have /etc/mail and
/etc/MailScanner copied.  Can I just copy the linux OS and password files
(redhat 5) to the new server?  If so, what are those files?

Should I just reinstall everything, then copy the config files?  If so, what

What other files do I need to copy?  I have a usb drive that I am copying
everything to, and I have another server stood up with the redhat (actually
oel) install.

Its not a business critical system obviously, but I think I will make a good
backup next time.

Andrew W. Kerber

'If at first you dont succeed, dont take up skydiving.'
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