Problem with Iphones

Rob Poe rob at
Wed Sep 22 15:58:33 IST 2010

I set up a weird/strange port to the internal SMTP server and let the 
iPhones auth against the internal email server instead of trying to 
maintain users on the MailScanner servers.

On the iPhone you can set up a port, IIRC you append a colon and the 
port number (but you have to enter it fresh, not edit if you want to 
change the port to avoid issues).

On 9/22/2010 9:46 AM, Phil Udel wrote:
> HI, I am a long time user of Sendmail and Mailscanner but I have hit a 
> problem that I cant seem to find a solution for.  Currently I am using 
> the latest version of everything on a centos 5.1 sandbox.
> Problem Description:
> I have some Apple Iphones that the users want to Send/Replay Email 
> directly with my mail server.  I do not use Auth, but I am looking 
> into using that to solve relay problem.
> The problem that I am not sure that Auth will fix is the high spam 
> score Iphones get.
> Almost all the Iphone seem to hit  most, if not all of the rules:
> I don't want to lower the rule scores because they do a good job of 
> stopping alot of Dynamic spam.
> I cant whitelist the IP or domain  example 
> ( because the IP is different 
> every time, and whitlisting is  a bad idea.
> If I set up Auth will Spamassasn still score it high?  I believe it would.
> If I use Auth will that get a  ALL_TRUSTED Value that I can use to 
> Lower the score?
> As Always MY Life and job hang in the balance on this issue, since one 
> of the Ipones belongs to the owner of the company. :P
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