Problem with Iphones

Phil Udel Phil.Udel at
Wed Sep 22 15:46:11 IST 2010

HI, I am a long time user of Sendmail and Mailscanner but I have hit a
problem that I cant seem to find a solution for.  Currently I am using the
latest version of everything on a centos 5.1 sandbox.
Problem Description:
I have some Apple Iphones that the users want to Send/Replay Email directly
with my mail server.  I do not use Auth, but I am looking into using that to
solve relay problem. 
The problem that I am not sure that Auth will fix is the high spam score
Iphones get.
Almost all the Iphone seem to hit  most, if not all of the rules:
I don't want to lower the rule scores because they do a good job of stopping
alot of Dynamic spam.
I cant whitelist the IP or domain  example
( because the IP is different every
time, and whitlisting is  a bad idea.
If I set up Auth will Spamassasn still score it high?  I believe it would.
If I use Auth will that get a  ALL_TRUSTED Value that I can use to Lower the
As Always MY Life and job hang in the balance on this issue, since one of
the Ipones belongs to the owner of the company. :P
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