Spam-Virus scoring not working any more for me

Mark Sapiro mark at
Wed Sep 22 15:05:01 IST 2010

On 11:59 AM, Michael Mansour wrote:
> Having tested this now, I can say that the removal of the ":" did not affect it. These "infections":

The colon is correct. It should be there in Spam-Virus Header in
MailScanner.conf as it defines the header and the colon is part of the
header. The lack of a colon in 'header' in the spamassassin file is also
correct as this just references the 'name' of the header which does not
include the colon.

Did you by chance change your org-name? I.e. I have

Spam-Virus Header = X-%org-name%-MailScanner-SpamVirus-Report:

in MailScanner.conf and

header MS_FOUND_SPAMVIRUS exists:X-GPC-MailScanner-SpamVirus-Report

in spamassassin. This only works if

%org-name% = GPC

in MailScanner.conf.

> Clamd: message was infected: INetMsg.SpamDomain-2w.on9mail_com.UNOFFICIAL(b296e7ae61a7c8480c7219a4e2a27390:1916) 
> still get blocked when I want them scored.

If the above does not solve the problem, please post exactly what you
have in Mailscanner.conf for "Spam-Virus Header" and "Virus Names Which
Are Spam". In particular, does your "Virus Names Which Are Spam"
pattern(s) match the virus name?

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