.zip files

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Oct 21 17:46:50 IST 2010

on 10-21-2010 8:20 AM carola at dicyt.umss.edu.bo spake the following:
> Big thanks Edward for your answer! But I got a little confused, honestly.
> I am new here in the list (I subscribed yesterday)so I am not really
> familiar yet. You told me that the solution for myself would be to use a
> patch...Are we talking about the same thing? ´Cause my inquiry is about
> compressed files that are sent as an attach with .zip extension, which
> were not allowed to pass for the MailScanner. I already got the solution
> but I am worried that this solution could bring me other problems, such as
> letting dangerous attachs to pass...
You should check if your virus scanner can scan the archives natively. ClamAV
can, and will still check the .zip files for viruses.

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