Non Spam actions problem

Scott Silva ssilva at
Mon Nov 29 18:11:48 GMT 2010

on 11-25-2010 7:02 AM Julian Field spake the following:
> On 25/11/2010 14:47, S�ren Dam wrote:
>> 2010/11/25 Hugo van der Kooij <hvdkooij at
>> <mailto:hvdkooij at>>
>>     On Wed, 24 Nov 2010 23:20:05 +0100, S�ren Dam <post at
>>     <mailto:post at>> wrote:
>>>     When I did that test you proposed, Mailscanner couldn't read the
>>>     rules file. Then I changed the file name from
>>>     "Non.SpamAction.*Rules*" to "Non.SpamAction.*rules" *That helped!
>>>     This is properly common knowledge if you read the Mailscanner
>>>     book, which i will buy now..;-)
>>>     /Soeren
>>     Sounds more like common unix knowledge. Things are case sensetive
>>     untill proven otherwise.
>>     Hugo.
>> No..thats NOT common UNIX knowledge..
>> I'm fully aware of case sensitivity..
>> I named the entry in the Mailscanner.conf the EXACT same way as the .rules
>> file. But it does simply not work if you name a something.rules file
>> something.Rules. Try it out!
>> That is NOT normal i would say..
> MailScanner uses a lot of heuristics to work out what you mean by what you put
> in the MailScanner.conf file. There is no defined syntax, it's just not that
> simple.
> If I had made it easy for me, all you guys would have to put explanatory
> things all over the place so my code could easily see what you meant.
> I made it easy for you, not for me; so the parser is very much
> heuristics-based, and so does tend to make a few assumptions to start with.
> And yes, one of those is that rules filenames end in ".rules" usually. It
> doesn't enforce that everywhere by any means, but it does make that assumption
> occasionally.
> I'll change the code to allow .Rules as well as .rules to keep you happy, that
> shouldn't break anything too major.
> Jules.
It might be a lot less coding to just add a note stating that it is case
sensitive... You already have so much to do, why play in the code for this?

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