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On 25/11/2010 16:48, Søren Dam wrote:
> 2010/11/25 Julian Field <MailScanner at 
> <mailto:MailScanner at>>
>     On 25/11/2010 14:47, Søren Dam wrote:
>         2010/11/25 Hugo van der Kooij <hvdkooij at
>         <mailto:hvdkooij at>
>         <mailto:hvdkooij at
>         <mailto:hvdkooij at>>>
>            On Wed, 24 Nov 2010 23:20:05 +0100, Søren Dam
>         <post at <mailto:post at>
>         <mailto:post at <mailto:post at>>> wrote:
>                When I did that test you proposed, Mailscanner couldn't
>             read the
>                rules file. Then I changed the file name from
>                "Non.SpamAction.*Rules*" to "Non.SpamAction.*rules"
>             *That helped!
>                This is properly common knowledge if you read the
>             Mailscanner
>                book, which i will buy now..;-)
>                /Soeren
>            Sounds more like common unix knowledge. Things are case
>         sensetive
>            untill proven otherwise.
>            Hugo.
>         No..thats NOT common UNIX knowledge..
>         I'm fully aware of case sensitivity..
>         I named the entry in the Mailscanner.conf the EXACT same way
>         as the .rules file. But it does simply not work if you name a
>         something.rules file something.Rules. Try it out!
>         That is NOT normal i would say..
>     MailScanner uses a lot of heuristics to work out what you mean by
>     what you put in the MailScanner.conf file. There is no defined
>     syntax, it's just not that simple.
>     If I had made it easy for me, all you guys would have to put
>     explanatory things all over the place so my code could easily see
>     what you meant.
>     I made it easy for you, not for me; so the parser is very much
>     heuristics-based, and so does tend to make a few assumptions to
>     start with. And yes, one of those is that rules filenames end in
>     ".rules" usually. It doesn't enforce that everywhere by any means,
>     but it does make that assumption occasionally.
>     I'll change the code to allow .Rules as well as .rules to keep you
>     happy, that shouldn't break anything too major.
>     Jules.
> Hey, You wrote some fantastic software here, and my users and me are 
> grateful to use it. I worked for many years with Amavisd-new, and I 
> think you are right, Mailscanner is easy and intutitive.  I just 
> replied to the statement that I don't know my UNIX. A bit harsh when 
> you, like me, have worked with UNIX professionally for 10 years.
A bit harsh, I agree. But everyone knows you have to take anything said 
by email with a pinch of salt; as we all know and appreciate, it isn't 
the best medium ever invented :-)

But then again, I don't think anyone has ever found an ideal one, or 
even possibly a "best" one! :)



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