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On 26/11/2010 12:09, Paulo Roncon wrote:
> Does anyone have any form of data loss protection working with mailscanner?
> A simple feature could be:
> outbound mail: based on the analysis of the header the service could aply rules (quarantine, reject with notification, send mail in SSL, other)
> The basic ideia is to prevent that unauthorized content leaves the corporate and/or goes to the internet without encryption.
> I think it could be a nice feature or even a new project.
> Any coments?
Pretty much all of what you want to do is already there.

See these settings in MailScanner.conf :

Block Encrypted Messages =
Block Unencrypted Messages =
Allow Password-Protected Archives =
Archives Must Be Password-Protected =
Check Filenames In Password-Protected Archives =

and last but very importantly

SpamAssassin Rule Actions =


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