Mail Fail to deliver after ClamAV definition Update today

Steve Freegard steve.freegard at
Mon Nov 15 14:09:04 GMT 2010


On 15/11/10 13:23, Terence Chan wrote:
> Hi I just confirmed that the error message
> "Monitors For ClamAV Updates" patterns exist!
> shows up way before the MailScanner is giving us problem. so this is not
> related to the problem I am facing today.
> Please help me to troubleshoot this issue. I am sure this happens after
> clamav freshclam and restart the MailScanner.

I had exactly the same issue on a machine this morning.

You don't mention which OS you are using.  So depending on where your 
ClamAV databases are; you'll need to set the following:

Monitors for ClamAV Updates = /var/clamav/*.cvd /var/clamav/*.cld 

Change /var/clamav as necessary for your set-up and restart MailScanner 
and it will start working again.


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