SpamAssassin Rule Actions ignores Whitelist entries - BUG?

Michael Mansour micoots at
Thu Mar 25 00:26:14 GMT 2010


I've just discovered that the "SpamAssassin Rule Actions" seems to ignore whitelisted emails.

As discussed in earlier posts, I have "SpamAssassin Rule Actions" set to:

SpamAssassin Rule Actions = SpamScore>18=>not-store,not-deliver,forward highspam at

However, even if the email is whitelisted (From or To addresses), if the whitelisted email has a score above 18, it _still_ goes through the rule above and gets emailed to highspam at

For me this is a nasty bug as I ended up spam reporting emails that were destined to me from spam defending systems (like spamcop) and got my account suspended until it's fixed.

Anyone else experienced this problem?

I've actually had quite a bit of issues working with this "SpamAssassin Rule Actions" system (ie. it doesn't work through a rules files, the "not-store" still stores) so I'm not sure I should keep using it now.

The MailScanner version I'm using is:




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