AUTO: Andrew Chester is out of the office. (returning 2010/03/24)

Scott Silva ssilva at
Wed Mar 24 18:48:22 GMT 2010

on 3-24-2010 1:52 AM Glenn Steen spake the following:
> On 23 March 2010 17:01, Scott Silva <ssilva at> wrote:
>> OOPS... You violated his iron-clad disclaimer by reading the message. The
>> internet police will be knocking soon at your door...
> Not only Alex door... You seem to have read it too...:-):-)
> I, on the other hand, will be fine ... since I usse my ESP powers to
> divine the content...:-D
> Cheers
I laugh at the internet police!!!  HA HA... Now for a Scotch and a Cubano!!

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