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Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Fri Mar 19 07:48:50 GMT 2010

On 18 Mar 2010, at 20:04, Brian Cullins wrote:

> After upgrading to Spamassassin 3.3.0, it is now broken. MailScanner  
> scans mail and delivers it as if the "Use Spamassassin" pref is set  
> to "No". I have reverted to the older version of SA and even  
> installed the latest beta of MS and it is still broken...any ideas?

SA 3.3 comes with no rules in it's installation package. Have you run  
sa-update yet? If not you will have no rules to score mail against,  
which will cause the effect you have seen.

The other one you need to also check is the SpamAssassin Local State  
Dir = line in MailScanner.conf has the correct path to the rules that  
have been downloaded. In FreeBSD this is /var/db/spamassassin but I  
would think in most variations of Linux it's going to be /var/lib/ 

I used to get away with this line being one directory higher but I  
think the structure changed slightly with the latest SA (Or it  
possibly never worked properly ;-) ).

Hope this helps


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