10 years of MailScanner

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Tue Mar 16 14:01:51 GMT 2010

----- "Julian Field" <MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk> wrote:

> MailScanner is just about to reach its 10th anniversary.
> Yes, believe it or not, I took on this crazy idea 10 years ago! How
> time 
> flies.
> We are planning a big news release and celebration here at work to 
> commemorate this.
> What I need from you guys are some comments and "sound bites" saying 
> what you think of MailScanner, what  you like about it, why you use
> it. 
> I'm looking for a real variety of comments from all over the world,
> East 
> and West, big sites and small, so if you've got something to say then
> I 
> want to hear it!
> So get commenting folks!
> Many thanks,
> Jules
Well it would appear I am well behind a lot of you on the first post made as mine was 6 May 2006.

MailScanner has been rock solid, apart from a couple of glitches, and when those times raise there head Jules is like a rampaging bull in getting it fixed.

Through my experience I could quite easily name a number of commercial products, costing tens of thousands, that do not get close to the hit rate that MS achieves.

Absolute testimony to Jules professionalism and care for the community.

Happy 10th Birthday MailScanner and make sure you look after Jules.

Thanks - Phil

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