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Mon Mar 8 09:23:22 GMT 2010

On 05/03/2010 23:06, Michael Mansour wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking at writing a spamassassin.rule.actions rule to say:
> "if the score is between 10 and 20 do ..."
> Looking at the instructions:
> # You can also trigger actions on the spam score of the message. You can
> # compare the spam score with a number and cause this to trigger an action.
> # For example, instead of a SA_RULENAME you can specify
> # SpamScore>number or SpamScore>=number or SpamScore==number or
> # SpamScore<number or SpamScore<=number
> # where "number" is the threshold value you are comparing it against.
> # So you could have a rule/action pair that looks like
> #                  SpamScore>25=>delete
> I'm not sure I can actually do this, since I want something like:
> To: *@* SpamScore<20 and SpamScore>10=>store, forward ...
> Any ideas on how I can write a rule to say between 10 and 20 ?
Do it in 2 rules.
To: default SpamScore>=10=>store,forward user at 
SpamScore>20=>not-store, not-forward user at
So 1 set of actions at 10 and above, and a different set above 20 which 
cancel out the set at 10 and above.


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