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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Fri Mar 5 09:29:23 GMT 2010

Good question.

I am thinking about a SpamAssassin rule that would detect if their 
system forwarded it, by looking for a Received: header that was their MX 
server, which would tell you that the mail did not originate in their 
system. If that Received: header text is present, then add a spam score 
to it?

I'm not quite sure how to do the "stop the whitelist" bit.

Of course if you wrote a Custom Function that looked for this Received: 
header text, that Custom Function could be used instead of (or in 
addition to) the ruleset for "Is Definitely Not Spam" so it would return 
0 (i.e. no) if it found the Received: header.

You should see a header, where in this example their MX server is at 
mx.yourpartner.com that looks something like
Received: from blah blah blah by mx.yourpartner.com blah blah blah

Does that help get you started?


On 04/03/2010 17:17, Michael Masse wrote:
> Is there any way MailScanner can detect if an incoming email is being 
> forwarded or not?
> We currently have to whitelist a specific partner's email system and 
> that's perfectly fine.   Email originating from their server gets 
> checked for viruses and filetype violations, but not spam which is 
> exactly what we want.   The problem we are experiencing is that some 
> of that partner's users have come on board with us and are now using 
> our email system for their account.   They have the other system 
> automatically forwarding email from their old account to the new.    
> Their old spam detection is less than par and doesn't catch much, so 
> any email sent to their old account gets forwarded to their new 
> account on our system.   Since we whitelist their system, any email 
> coming from their server gets whitelisted including email that's being 
> forwarded which could be coming from anywhere and or anyone.     My 
> preference is to tell them to stop forwarding mail and set up a bounce 
> reply with their current email address, but is there any way I can 
> have MailScanner detect if the other system is actually originating 
> the email or if it's forwarding, and if it's forwarding stop the 
> whitelist?
> -Mike


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